Frequently Asked Questions

General Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer prints?

We sure do! Walmart and Walgreens are wonderful stores for groceries and medications, but printing photographs is not their specialty. When you purchase your prints through Roberto + Lori Photography you have access to our professional printing lab. We work closely with our lab to ensure your prints are an exact match to your digital image. If you would rather not purchase your prints through us we do have a lab we recommend to our clients.

What if I don’t want my images on social media?

You and your family are special and we NEVER post images to social media without prior authorization from clients. You may absolutely “opt out” of us sharing your images on social media or our website.

Can I purchase more images later?

You may absolutely purchase additional images at a later date. While your gallery may not remain on our proof site, you are welcome to request to view your gallery again and purchase additional images at a later date.

Can I bring a pet to my session?

Sure! As long as there is someone dedicated to wrangling your pet! Pets are like toddlers, totally unpredictable,  we strive to capture those images as best we can. 

How long have you been doing photography?

As a whole, Roberto + Lori Photography have been in business since 2011. In Spring of 2016 Lori began specializing in newborn photography. Lori has mentored with some of the top newborn photographers in the US and strives to remain current with safety and trends.

What is the turnaround time to see my photos? How long until I can download my photos?

Proof galleries are generally ready within one to two weeks after your session. Once you have chosen your favorite images, digital images will be ready for download within two weeks.

How many photos will be in my gallery?

Gallery sizes are dependent on the type of session you book with Roberto + Lori Photography. Portrait sessions and Milestone sessions typically have 90-120 images. Newborn sessions have 50-80 images. 

Will my photos have your logo on them?

Your final images will not have our logo on them. You may see our logo on your images on the proof site and social media, if you have given us permission to share, but we do not watermark your final images.

What kind of equipment do you use?

There are so many great cameras available, but we are Canon people. We do have a variety of lenses and lights. Roberto uses a Canon 5d Mark III with a variety of lenses. Lori uses a Canon 5d Mark IV with a Sigma Art 50mm lens. Our studio is equipped with the Einstein and 86 inch PLM from Paul C. Buff.

Newborn Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Are you up to date on your vaccinations?

The health of your baby is a primary concern of mine, and I strive to ensure your session is as “germ free” as possible! I am up to date on all my vaccinations, and I will never proceed with a session if I am ill. I also keep hand sanitizer in the studio and I wash my hands prior to and after your session.

Do you wash your blankets and wraps in between your sessions?

Absolutely! Any item that touches baby’s skin directly is washed after the session. Some wraps, layer pieces, and furs are spot clean only, but primarily do not ever touch baby’s skin directly. All soiled materials are washed and cleaned prior to the next session.

How long will my newborn session last?

I strive to keep sessions in the 2-3 hour range, however sessions are completely baby dependent. Some babies will sleep peacefully and allow me to pose them with  no issues. These sessions may be slightly shorter where as a baby who does not want to sleep will require a longer session. I do provide snacks and refreshments for clients, and our studio has wifi and a charger for your devices.

Can I bring my own props?

I work diligently to purchase props, wraps, blankets, bonnets, headbands, etc that I know will photograph well and fit my style of photography. My goal is to provide all my clients with timeless images that you will enjoy for generations to come. You are welcome to bring items that are important to you, but know I have all you will need for your session.

Can I ask for a specific pose that I have seen on social media, somewhere else?

You are welcome to ask, but I cannot guarantee I can replicate what you have seen on social media. Pinterest is a wonderful place of ideas, but I encourage you to view our Welcome Baby gallery on our website prior to booking to see if we are a good fit style wise. You can see the various poses I do and styling I strive to achieve for each session.

Where will my newborn session take place?

Your newborn session will take place in our Studio located at our home. Roberto + Lori Photography has a dedicated studio space designed to provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable photography experience.


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