Brooke & Rory's Glitter Session | Houston, TX Children's Photographer

Brooke & Rory's Glitter Session | Houston, TX Children's Photographer

Brooke and Rory have grown up in front of my camera. This is such an honor. To be trusted time and time again to photograph someone’s baby as they grow…to capture their essence on film to look back and remember just how small they were. How expressive they were. How perfect they were. This is why we do this photography thing. We do it to preserve your memories. We do it to bring you joy. We do it because we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Caitlin, Brooke and Rory’s mama, and I work together. We have gotten to know one another pretty well over the last nearly five years. We are journeying through life and motherhood together, and honestly I can’t imagine doing this motherhood thing without her support. I adore her babies. They CRACK me up! I consider it a challenge every time they are in front of my camera to get them to smile. Brooke, as she has gotten older, is much more laid back in her sessions and is ready with her grin. Rory…sweet Rory is a tough nut to crack! Baby girl is not gonna give me the smile unless it is on her terms!

These glitter sessions are so much fun. They are sure to get any kiddo relaxed and ready to play. I also usually make Caitlin get in the photos at some point with her babies. I think it is so important for moms to get in the frames. To stop refusing to take pictures because we are typically extremely hard on ourselves. I want mothers to have lasting memories with their kids. It is so important.

Check out these two crazy kids as they have a blast slinging glitter all over my tiny studio!

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Brooke recently asked her mama, “why is Ms. Lori always picturing!?” Well…cause I just LOVE IT! So, here is to always picturing…


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