Carter Has Arrived | League City, TX Birth Photographer

If I could photograph births every day I would be in my own photography heaven. The story that unfolds as a family welcomes a new little one is absolutely incredible. The range of emotions from anxious to exhilarated is just fascinating to see, and it is a privilege to be allowed a front row seat into such a vulnerable time in a family’s journey.

There is nothing routine about birth. Nothing. Yes, your nurses and physicians may have a “routine” they keep to when you are admitted, but every delivery is unique and special. Every mother is unique and special.

I met Katelyn at work four years ago, and in the last two years I have had the opportunity to get to know her better. I’m so thankful for her. She has a kind and loyal heart, and she truly cares for her family and friends. She goes above and beyond to help her family and friends to feel loved and cared for. She amazes me in so many ways. I admire her tenacity and organization. I’m pretty sure I’m neither of those things! Just ask Roberto! Lol

Colby isn’t one to want to be in front of the camera, but he was a good sport and gracious with me sticking my camera in his face through out the day. =^) It was an early, rainy morning when we all finally met little Carter. Katelyn delivered at UTMB in League City. It was a real treat to see some of our former coworkers. It was like coming home. I so appreciated their kindness and how accommodating they were to Katelyn, Colby, and I in the OR. Christine and Stacey rocked taking care of Katelyn and Carter, and Matt made sure Katelyn stayed comfortable through out her procedure.

Taking a step back to truly see a cesarean delivery, instead of assisting it, was a real joy. The ebb and flow of all involved to make the delivery a truly enjoyable experience was amazing. Watching everyone work so well together…it was impressive. I don’t think I have every truly appreciated a cesarean delivery until I saw Katelyn deliver Carter. I appreciate the marvel of modern science and the ability to delivery babies that previously would not have been born until cesarean deliveries became an option, but I appreciated it from a purely medical point of view. Standing back, as an observer, and seeing my friend birth her son was special. I marveled at his grand entrance.

Birth is birth no matter how you do it: vaginal delivery, cesarean, surrogate, adoption…there is such beauty in becoming a mother no matter what that journey looks like.

Until my next birth session…