Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed | Alvin, TX Photographer

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed! One fell down and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" 

Mateo, our toddler, is OBSESSED with these videos on YouTube of kids songs. He likes the "bump your head" song, he tells me. Lately he can be found in his brother's crib, which used to be his crib, jumping and in general having a BALL! Most mornings I'm finding him in the crib with Lucas jumping and laughing. He has taken to telling me he is going to go jump and then he informs me that "Lucas jump too, mama!" So, in I place Lucas so he can "jump too". 

When we discussed having a second baby I wanted my babies to be close. Not just in age, but I want them to have a wonderful relationship with one another: be the best of friends. There will come a day when the only people they will have is each other, and I want to foster a bond between them which will last. So, if jumping in the crib helps to create memories and bring them together...hey...let's go jump in the crib for a while. Objects are great, but if we can't see past the object and recognize when making a memory is more important then the object has more value than the person and memory. 

Don't get me wrong, I believe we should teach our children to respect their belongings and to be mindful of their blessings, but I want them to also have a zest for life that goes beyond idolizing things. 

Roberto has been out of town all week, and in between catching up on editing and watching the boys for me this morning he snapped these images while I sat in the corner and just observed the incredible family I've been entrusted with. I see my boys and I think, "I'm so not worthy to be their mama." However, I'm exactly who God wanted for their mama, and I pray every day I can be the right mama for them..that I am mindful of raising kind, generous, gracious, humble, strong, and courageous men who love each other and love others with a fierceness that can only come from the Lord. 

I'm not really sure where this particular blog is going, but I just felt the need to put fingers to the keyboard and write. Here are my sweet monkeys, and I couldn't love them any more! 

For the record, Roberto did end up breaking the bed, but he's pretty handy and fixed it! Maybe he shouldn't have jumped in the 40 year old antique baby bed!

Oh well...until our next memory making event!