Welcome, Easton | Galveston, TX Birth Photographer

I've known Jordan since I started working at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston. At the time she had been engaged to Jeffery for some time and was soon to be married.  I have had the honor to witness her go from engaged to lovely mama to two precious babies. Our work group have all turned into moms, and its been amazing to have a tribe to lean on as your walking through the unknown of motherhood. 

Jordan transitioned effortlessly into the role of mama to sweet Kennedy, and I was there as she welcomed her baby girl Earthside. When she announced she was expecting, and expecting a boy, I knew I had to be there for his delivery! 

Well, circumstances caused me to miss his grand entrance by about 30 minutes, and I was utterly devastated. However, I was able to stay for a few hours to document Jordan's family of three transition to a family of four! 

The fun part about delivering where you work is getting to choose your bestie as your nurse! Katelyn, who is expecting her own sweet boy in just a few weeks, and Jordan are the best of friends and have been pregnancy buddies too! 

I think my favorite part of the afternoon was seeing Kennedy meet her brother for the first time. Watching her slowly realize who this little baby was and seeing her fall in love was absolutely perfect!

I wish I could share every image from the afternoon, but I can't...so enjoy this beautiful story of Jeffery + Jordan + Kennedy welcoming sweet Easton! 

Little Easton will be by soon for his newborn session, and I can't wait to snuggle him them. But more than that, I can't wait to watch him grow over the next several months and several years! Congratulations, Jeffery, Jordan, and Kennedy! Your boy is perfect.