Spring Minis | Houston Family Photographer

Spring Mini Sessions were a bit under the radar this year, but, with how crazy this last semester was, it was just right. There is something so magical about a family session that we just can't get enough. The hugs, the smiles, the laughter. Our goal of photography isn't to make you look different, but to help capture who you are at this time in your life. We made our way to Jack Brooks Park in Santa Fe, TX on a Sunday afternoon. We timed it to capture that gorgeous golden light just prior to sunset. Mini Sessions are great, especially when you have little ones. Small kids tend to give you a window of smiles, and if you go beyond that window you get scrunched up faces and tears.

It is so interesting to see the evolution of our photography style over the years. We have definitely moved from a more posed style to a relaxed, lifestyle look for family sessions. I like this style because it can really capture genuine emotion, and I think we truly "nailed it" with these Spring Minis. 

Meet Robert and Rachel DeSonier.

We know Robert and Rachel and their sweet kids from when we all attended OakCreek Bible Church. Three years ago Rachel was expecting their first baby, Rosalee. Just a few months ago they officially adopted Dean, and now they are expecting baby number 3 this Fall! It is definitely an honor for your friends to trust you to photograph their family, and we have been blessed to live life with the DeSoniers. I can't wait to meet their newest addition soon!

Rachel is the master baker behind Felicite Macarons. Her macarons are so delicious, BUT she also makes yummy cakes for all occasions. You can find her and an assortment of flavors at the Friendswood Farmer's Market the first Saturday of every month. We also did some photos for her yummy macs, and you can see those images here

Bud and Ashley Kula. 

Roberto and Bud and Ashley have known one another since before Bud and Ashley were "Bud and Ashley". Roberto was a night shift server at Denny's years ago, and now we can't go anywhere around town without running into someone he served! Roberto was one of two best men at Bud and Ashley's wedding and Bud served as one of two best men at our wedding. Since then we have four kids between us and have all come a long way!

Bud is a magician, and you can find him, and follow him, on instagram! He is amazing, and I know he would love to entertain your next corporate event! 

One of my favorite things about this sweet family is just how genuine they are. You can see it on their faces. Joy just shines from them. 

MJ and Her Sweet Boy.

Meet MJ. She and Roberto work together at the hospital. I have not had the privilege of meeting her and her son, but I know they have such a special relationship. As a mom of boys I can't imagine my life without my sons. They are the WORLD to me. I know it's the same for MJ.  

How long has it been since you last had family portraits taken? Your family will change so quickly...don't put it off. Give us a call or shoot us a message. Let's get you in front of the camera for a little family photography and make some memories!